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What We Do

Areas of Support


Honu Services delivers efficiency to small businesses through an array of enterprise operational support. We have dedicated teams to provide expertise in several key areas vital to a growing business as well as strategic development to foster long term success.


  • Finance/Accounting

  • DCAA Compliant Cost Accounting

  • Budgeting

  • Pricing

  • Reporting

  • Human Resources

  • Payroll Management

  • Benefits Management and Compliance

Span of Support


We provide a consistent strategy across all Areas of Support to ensure an integrated and focused purpose for all the enterprise operational support activities provided by Honu Services.  This methodology strives to provide all of our clients with accurate and timely information to support strategic and tactical executive decisions. Specifically, the Span of Support uses tools to answer the following questions:


  • Data – What information do we have?

  • Content – What does it mean?

  • Standard Reports – What happened?

  • Integrated Reports – How is it connected?

  • Alerts – What is happening?

  • Decision Support – What actions are needed?

  • Forecasting/Modeling – What if these trends continue?

  • Optimization – What is the best that can happen?

  • Recruiting

  • Personnel Management Support

  • Enterprise Development

  • Standardization Certification

  • SBA Compliance and Coordination

  • Facility/Personnel Security Support

  • Business Development Strategy

  • IT

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